Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gathered Short Skirts

Lately, I've been into full skirts that hit mid-thigh. They're fun to swish around and add volume to a silhouette. I like to wear a loose-fitting top untucked and belted, or a fitted shirt tucked in with the waistband near my bellybutton. This all started with the american apparel skirt I found myself wearing three times a week. Forever 21 seems to have a lot of great skirts out. And, of course, there's always the thrift stores. Those full, knee-length skirts that were popular about 4-5 years ago could easily be hemmed. The scrap could even be made into a petticoat!


cindycoquiax said...

hey i made it here and i'm commenting!!!

anyway i've been eyeing that AA skirt but in purple :)


m.t. said...

i'm considering getting the purple in addition to the navy one i already have. i have purple slip-ons that i think would go great with it.