Saturday, May 31, 2008

Organizing is a Bitch

I've found that it's great to be able to see at least about 90% of my wardrobe at once. It speeds up the process of getting dressed when all your options are right in front of you and you don't have to dig to find a specific shirt that you remember being somewhere but isn't. I currently have the equivalent of crappy yaffa blocks from college for a dresser. They're stacked on their sides with the openings in the front, and although the contraption sometimes collapses, I enjoy not having drawers. I am currently looking to upgrade to something sturdier and hopefully more attractive. That's where the Eames cabinet comes in. Of course I can't afford it (besides the fact that I would feel guilty as hell), but I fell in love and it couldn't be more perfect ... some drawers for unmentionables and big doors that swing open so everything that needs to be revealed is. It might even encourage me to put my clothes away. Although I think I might need two in order to fit my entire wardrobe.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Short

I like to wear some crazy stuff, but I still want it to be flattering. Because of my small stature, things that cut across me horizontally just don't work. Like ankle straps. They cut my leg at the ankle and make me look even shorter. Because of this, I don't own gladiator sandals. And sometimes, because of this, I'm biased against these things I can't wear and hate them.

So as I was getting dressed yesterday, I realized with horror that my get-up would go perfectly with a pair of gladiator sandals. Dang it. They would have offset the subtle cruise director vibe of my outfit, and pushed it more towards tribal safari. (My outfit being a navy high-waisted pencil skirt cut just above the knee with a pale beige safari-esque short-sleeve button-down tucked into it.) So now, I'm cursed with the impossible task of finding gladiators that can work with my short, stocky legs.

Maybe these ...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Snake Skin Clutch Obsession

Ever since I was outbid at the last second on the best-snake-skin-clutch-ever, I've been on the hunt for a replacement. That empty hole in my wardrobe keeps haunting me. Ok, so my wardrobe is not that empty, but I do lack in the purse department. I like to find one bag that suits all my needs so I don't have to think about it and can just concentrate on the clothes. Besides, I'd end up losing all my crap if I had to switch bags all the time. "Where's my cocoa butter chapstick? Aw, man. Now I have to use the old nasty one with lint stuck to it."

I found an extra-roomy everyday bag by Malababa (with a cross-body strap so it never slides down my arm!), and now I want a sleeker one for those times when "big mama" just won't do. I decided a small snake skin bag would be fancy and still kinda earthy. The natural skin will go with anything and still be exotic. Plus, I love the patterns. Obviously I have to go vintage on this so I don't feel guilty, so back to eBay I go!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Entry No. 1 or The Boat Shoe Dilemma

I was recently asked which shoes I preferred for a guy: black top-siders with red stitching, or the more classic navy with white accents. The concern was that the black pair, even though they had fabulously unusual contrast stitching, would be too obvious. Trying too hard. Possibly douchebag territory. I say it depends on the rest of the outfit. Wearing top-siders in general already says something. Day-to-day, if you aren't going to put forth the effort and want something to throw on without thinking, I'm going navy with white, especially once they're broken in. I see the black ones on someone who already looks like he kind of tries, so this extra step isn't much. You're already a little self-conscious, which is fine, because you look good with your tight black jeans and straw fedora. You could also go super-preppy for the rest of the outfit, then bust out with these. (sidenote: I like the slouchiness of the black pebbled leather. Why don't the navy come in pebbled?)