Saturday, May 31, 2008

Organizing is a Bitch

I've found that it's great to be able to see at least about 90% of my wardrobe at once. It speeds up the process of getting dressed when all your options are right in front of you and you don't have to dig to find a specific shirt that you remember being somewhere but isn't. I currently have the equivalent of crappy yaffa blocks from college for a dresser. They're stacked on their sides with the openings in the front, and although the contraption sometimes collapses, I enjoy not having drawers. I am currently looking to upgrade to something sturdier and hopefully more attractive. That's where the Eames cabinet comes in. Of course I can't afford it (besides the fact that I would feel guilty as hell), but I fell in love and it couldn't be more perfect ... some drawers for unmentionables and big doors that swing open so everything that needs to be revealed is. It might even encourage me to put my clothes away. Although I think I might need two in order to fit my entire wardrobe.

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