Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I Wore ...

... Going to dinner with old high school friends.

This is my mom's top from when she was my age. I wore it all through high school, so I thought it would be appropriate for a mini-reunion. Besides, who doesn't love Laurel and Hardy?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals

It's been sandal season for awhile and I can't keep going on last year's any longer. I'm still on my mission for pseudo gladiator sandals. I thought it was settled when I purchased a pair of green ones, but after a shipping mishap with zappos, the sandals never made it to my door (damn FedEx). Now, I have the opportunity to reassess my would-be purchase. I want something tough, but not butch, in between delicate and hefty. These are my new options with the original green ones thrown in .. cause after all, I still like them.

I'm not sure how I feel about that shape of a heel on the upper left pair, but I like the overlapping on the black. The strap on the white ones might be too high up on my leg, but I like the contrast of a white, tough sandal. I wish the green ones weren't patent; suede would be nice, but I still really like everything else. The brass details on the bottom pair are nice, but maybe too blah. And the last pair is man-made. Dunno if that will make them uncomfy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What the Hell

The above is the promotional image on a shopping website encouraging us to "Rock the Boho." Um, wow. I don't think that should be a look to strive for. The dangling necklace and flowing top tell me she's bohemian, but wait! The touches of black and leather tell me she's still edgy. If you want to get a tough boho look going, I would not go this way. My take on it would be the outfit below. You could do either the shirt/shoe combo on the left with the vest and shorts for a nerdier look, or the one on the right with the same vest and shorts to get a more bad ass thing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What I Wore ...

... to the Joyce to watch MOMIX perform.

I bought this dress too big because it was the only size they had left, and I had to have it. (The store was also closing in, like, 2 minutes, and I didn't have time to tear through the other racks looking for my size.) I love the colors and pattern and the fact that it's a loose knit. Loose knits drape super nice. I gave the dress a faux empire waist with the belt to pull it in so it wasn't so bag-like. I would have been ok with the shape if it was a mini (read: my size) because then you'd have a hint of what was underneath, but it hit an inch above my knee and I looked like a potato with two sausage legs.

The clutch is one of my eBay buys! It's eel skin which is apparently very supple and shiny. The stretchy, yellow velour belt is vintage GAP. I got it for $2 from the sale bin around the time Sarah Jessica Parker was their spokesperson. The dress is FreePeople via Daffy's.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I cut my bangs today and made a pretty mess. Very abstract expressionist, don't you think? I had to then painstakingly clean out the sink because my drain is very high-maintenance.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making a Maxi into a Mini

Presto ... A Little Jumper

Cut & Hem

As Seen on eBay

Bonus: This was extra easy to do because the fabric had horizontal lines across it, so it was simple to measure & cut. It's like that fancy wrapping paper with a grid on the back!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay Buy of the Week

Going on vacation? I am! Ok, so it's more than a month away, but I can't stop thinking about it. I already have a packing list started which so far includes itemized swimwear and various concentrations of DEET bug spray. And since I'll be renting a car, I think I can manage some chic, non-rolling luggage.

Bright Blue Traveling Hat Box
Lady Baltimore Suitcase

Monday, June 16, 2008

What to Wear: Beer with a Boy

Situation: beer with a boy
Place: outdoor bar
Definitely Wearing: high-waisted jeans and flats
Overall Vibe: down-to-earth, retro, easy-going, fun

I used to compile the outfit around the jeans & flats combo. I looked for a lightweight top since time will be spent outside in the summer. The tank is from Forever 21, so it's convenient to get. I'd tuck it in and add the skinny belt to show off a tiny waist. I really like the contrast of a full, blousy top with high-waisted bottoms. The exaggerated top half of the silhouette makes the lower half seem even smaller. I think I'll be doing that a lot this summer.

The bag is vintage from eBay. I gave it to my friend as a birthday gift. It can be used as a clutch, or the handle can slide up with a SNAP! I like to have at least one vintage/homemade/unique item per outfit. I think it rounds out the slight 70s' vibe to the look.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Little Hemming Can Do

In it's previous life, this dress was floor-length. Way too much big, bold print for lil ol' me! The graphics on the fabric would overpower my frame. But since I loved the pattern and colors, I chopped it off above the knee and made a minidress. The little bit of leg helps ground the print. Adds neutral space. I'm currently working on altering another dress. More of a jumper, but same idea ... making a crazy vintage dress wearable and modern.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What I Wore ...

I attended the annual BBQ Block Party this past sweltering Saturday. I wanted to be at least a little BBQ-appropriate, so I decided to wear plaid. And to deal with the temperature, I went with a short skirt. (I've really been into high-waisted skirts lately. Hopefully there will be pictures of that in the future.) The top was a great find from H&M recently and the skirt is from American Apparel. I was going to wear my trusty grandma wedges, but decided on flats at the last minute to allow for lady-like lawn-sitting.

*notice the elastic waistband... all the better for belly-stuffin'

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Likeminded on eBay

I was not the only one to list a romper from eBay yesterday. Refinery 29's Pipeline listed "Endless Summer" items including water guns and madras plaid pants on their eBay Daily Score. I guess the heat got to everyone.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

eBay Buy of the Week

Here is something in honor of the soaring temperature. A bright floral romper. Just add sandals. What could be more summery? Wear it to the park and jump through the sprinklers.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Organization Update

I finally took the time to reorganize my bedroom, which includes unpacking boxes from when I moved in August. I luckily had so much space that I initially took advantage and never bothered to organize and put things away. After 10 months of living here, I accumulated so much more stuff that I bit the bullet. I have now committed an entire Ikea bookshelf to my clothes. Gone are the terrible yaffa blocks from college. Now my bedroom looks like it's a store. Below is just a sampling.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hat Epidemic

I like hats on people ... it means that they're trying to step it up, which is nice to see once in awhile. Just please don't simply throw it on and think you're set for the day. The hat has to go with the rest of the outfit. There has to be a purpose in its being there.

There is currently an influx of hats. Just walk around soho or chelsea, and you'll find 1 in 8 guys wearing a small-brimmed fedora, probably made of straw. Where were the fedoras in the winter? You could have a nice felted wool hat with a suit. You'd look so sharp. But instead we get guys dressed too-cool-for-school with a hat plopped on top. Dude, the hat says you care, so where's the care with the rest of your outfit? I need some consistency, please. Maybe a cardigan. Or some seersucker. I'd even take an ascot.

Bad example of hat-wearing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tights as Pants? (or How to Show off your Booty without looking like a Whore)

There has been a lot of debate lately on whether or not hosiery can be a replacement for trousers. Some even went as far as to create a website ( to express their views.

As for me, I'm perfectly fine with leggings/tights as leg coverings in day-to-day life as long as you cover your ass. Seriously. I've seen nice behinds clad in only spandex, but it seems too obvious. You're bragging about your butt. And while dudes may appreciate it, do you really want that kind of attention? The callipigious among us can tastefully flaunt the goods in a pencil skirt or well-cut trousers. And then there's the bad. The not-so-nice rear-ends that are dumped into (usually) pale-colored leggings that reveal every little lump and are (usually) positioned in my direct line of vision. Me, on a seat in the subway. You, standing across from me with your back to me. So please, cover your ass and leave some things to the imagination.

Other booty-flaunting options:
1. Silk skirt or dress cut on the bias. Always curve-enhancing.
2. Fitted pencil skirt. (as seen above from american apparel)
3. If you're going with high-waisted pants or shorts, look for a back yoke or some sort of seaming above your butt and below the waistband. The tailoring helps the fabric pull in at the right places to make it look like your behind pops out more.
(as seen above by lux)
4. Shiny or metallic fabrics, butt be careful! The potential for tacky is great. Look for a subtle sheen.
5. Well-tailored pants. Look at the profile. If they follow the curve of your rear around to the base of your butt, then they're winners.
6. High-heels. They shape the muscles in your legs and butt like magic.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

eBay Buy of the Week

Picnic in the park dress ... literally

Possibly paired with these wedges

This will be a listing every Tuesday of what I would like to buy on ebay... but I'm won't.

I'm Short (Part 2)

If you wear skin-colored sandals, they'll your legs look longer. This follows along the same idea as not breaking up the leg with an ankle strap (or bootie). No colors interfere with the line of your leg. When it's cold out, tights and boots can match. This is the only way imaginable I could do ankle boots. Again, they cut at a weird length and make my legs look stocky.

In my searching for gladiator sandals, I found these Eileen Shields Helen sandals as possible contenders. I can't see myself spending that much money on sandals, being that summer shoes always seem to get seriously beat up and rarely last more than 2 seasons (even with trips to the cobbler). But the idea is there.