Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hat Epidemic

I like hats on people ... it means that they're trying to step it up, which is nice to see once in awhile. Just please don't simply throw it on and think you're set for the day. The hat has to go with the rest of the outfit. There has to be a purpose in its being there.

There is currently an influx of hats. Just walk around soho or chelsea, and you'll find 1 in 8 guys wearing a small-brimmed fedora, probably made of straw. Where were the fedoras in the winter? You could have a nice felted wool hat with a suit. You'd look so sharp. But instead we get guys dressed too-cool-for-school with a hat plopped on top. Dude, the hat says you care, so where's the care with the rest of your outfit? I need some consistency, please. Maybe a cardigan. Or some seersucker. I'd even take an ascot.

Bad example of hat-wearing.

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