Friday, June 27, 2008

Sandals, Sandals, Sandals

It's been sandal season for awhile and I can't keep going on last year's any longer. I'm still on my mission for pseudo gladiator sandals. I thought it was settled when I purchased a pair of green ones, but after a shipping mishap with zappos, the sandals never made it to my door (damn FedEx). Now, I have the opportunity to reassess my would-be purchase. I want something tough, but not butch, in between delicate and hefty. These are my new options with the original green ones thrown in .. cause after all, I still like them.

I'm not sure how I feel about that shape of a heel on the upper left pair, but I like the overlapping on the black. The strap on the white ones might be too high up on my leg, but I like the contrast of a white, tough sandal. I wish the green ones weren't patent; suede would be nice, but I still really like everything else. The brass details on the bottom pair are nice, but maybe too blah. And the last pair is man-made. Dunno if that will make them uncomfy.

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