Friday, June 20, 2008

What I Wore ...

... to the Joyce to watch MOMIX perform.

I bought this dress too big because it was the only size they had left, and I had to have it. (The store was also closing in, like, 2 minutes, and I didn't have time to tear through the other racks looking for my size.) I love the colors and pattern and the fact that it's a loose knit. Loose knits drape super nice. I gave the dress a faux empire waist with the belt to pull it in so it wasn't so bag-like. I would have been ok with the shape if it was a mini (read: my size) because then you'd have a hint of what was underneath, but it hit an inch above my knee and I looked like a potato with two sausage legs.

The clutch is one of my eBay buys! It's eel skin which is apparently very supple and shiny. The stretchy, yellow velour belt is vintage GAP. I got it for $2 from the sale bin around the time Sarah Jessica Parker was their spokesperson. The dress is FreePeople via Daffy's.

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