Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Short

I like to wear some crazy stuff, but I still want it to be flattering. Because of my small stature, things that cut across me horizontally just don't work. Like ankle straps. They cut my leg at the ankle and make me look even shorter. Because of this, I don't own gladiator sandals. And sometimes, because of this, I'm biased against these things I can't wear and hate them.

So as I was getting dressed yesterday, I realized with horror that my get-up would go perfectly with a pair of gladiator sandals. Dang it. They would have offset the subtle cruise director vibe of my outfit, and pushed it more towards tribal safari. (My outfit being a navy high-waisted pencil skirt cut just above the knee with a pale beige safari-esque short-sleeve button-down tucked into it.) So now, I'm cursed with the impossible task of finding gladiators that can work with my short, stocky legs.

Maybe these ...

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