Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wear-and-Tear Jewelry

Just found this designer, Cheung Lik, under the brand "Wear and Tear" whilst checking things out on (an awesome jewelry site). I fell in love with her sculptural, geometric silk-wrapped pieces and decided I must have one of my own. Only thing is, kabiri is England-based and the price of the necklace I wanted converted to around $200 (the blue one at top). So I did what every good online shopper does and googled her. Turns out, she's on Etsy! And even better, the necklace was posted for $55!

With the recession and all, a bold, not-so-expensive accessory can update a look. I have 5 weddings planned for this summer. I'm going to use this necklace to change up the look of my little black dress.

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