Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Shopping on eBay: Eco-friendly Giftwrap

Step One: Get a Scarf

That wrapping paper-filled garbage bag that shows up after Christmas morning always depresses me. (It's technically a bag full of trees and money.) Since I think giftwrap is expensive and wasteful, I try to avoid it. Besides, why spend the money on something that literally just becomes trash when you can walk away with something you can wear? I've been using vintage silk scarves to wrap my presents. You can easily find fun ones on eBay that suit the giftee's personality. And if your recipients don't wear scarves, they can always use them to wrap someone else's gift. Here's a few scarves I found on eBay, plus a wrapping how-to.

1 Let'er Buck!
2 Green Stonehenge
3 French Poodles in Hot Air Ballons!
4 Florida State Souvenir
5 Victorian Portraits
6 Choo-choo Trains
7 Diamond Patterned

Step Two: Tie It Up

*Note: You don't need a box. I just used one for simplicity's sake. But feel free to reuse the box in which your packages arrived, if you need one. Coming soon ... a few other gift-wrapping ideas.

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