Friday, December 19, 2008

Sneaky Pete! (Outbid on eBay)

A new addition to my eBay roster ... what I got outbid on. My usual tactic is to bid on an item so obscure, hard to find (due to misspellings or poor listing), or with such terrible photos that no one wants it so I don't have any competition. But sometimes you only THINK you're the only one, then someone swoops in at 10 seconds left and outbids you. I mean, I've learned to wait until the last 30 seconds or so but I just get nervous and have to put in my bid. What if my computer freezes or something? And sometimes people just wait until the last few hours and a price escalates until it's insanely high and out of my price-range. I miss the eBay of years ago when people were afraid of internet shopping and thought vintage items were dirty.

Vintage Rudi Gernreich Ivory & Black Silk Scarf ... I'm not familiar with the designer. I just liked the print, but she/he must be important cause this sucker opened at $9.99 and went for $405.00!

100% Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater made for Bergdorf Goodman

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